Saturday, November 10, 2012


This is the map of Siquijor and as you can see it only got 6 Municipalities - Larena, E. Villanueva, Maria, Lazi, San Juan, San Juan and Siquijor. And believe it or not you can explore the whole island in just one day. 

Here are the must see places we visited during our day tour :

Lazi Church
 - One of the cleanest church I've seen and it's floor was made of wood. 

Lazi Convent
  - the priest still lives here according to some locals though it's old but still stands strong. 


Cambughayay Falls 
 - wish I had a guts to do the tarzan swing but just too afraid... the water was so cold and it's very refreshing

I wanna dive Ala Tarzan but im just too afraid to try it 

and yes, stairs stairs stairs..going down is okay but its a bit challenging for me to go up . This would take about 10 minutes

Cagusuan Beach
 - according to Kuya Joam, he just found out this beach couple of months ago and decided to include this on his Siquijor trip. The beach got a white fine sand and blue clear waters. But during our visit, the waves was too strong.


Salagdoong Beach 
 - one of the most visited beach in Siquijor but I'm not happy to see since it was already too commercialize and crowded. 

If only i can swim... jumping on this cliff won't be a problem 

Capilay Spring Park
- the atmosphere here was very relaxing, it's a good place family picnic

Century Old Balete Tree
- Free fish spa and I love it. The Balete tree was so huge and old - creepy..

Santa Maria Church and It's Black Maria
the picture and stories of the Black Maria was very interesting and seeing it person was totally different thing.  I decided to include this on our trip even though I'm too afraid to see this image.  

Salagdoong Forest
- it was like man made forest Bohol but smaller.  It serves as a shade to those motorist passing by

Cang - Isok House 
- this is a century old house that still stands near the waters. They're also some people who actually lived here.  



  1. i want to go here din.. ganda ng places

    1. Hi Lovelee,

      Yes sooo ganda talga.. ang linis ng tubig .. love it! I'll see you soon.. muwah

      happy travel!!!

  2. i would love to return to siquijor. a lot of my friends warned me about going there. ang daming istorya. we stayed overnight at salagdoong at awa ng Dyos, my family and I returned to Dumaguete safe, he he he.

    1. Hi Batangala,

      Same here.. dami negative stories before i leave but as i keep on saying.. u just have to be more friendly with the locals and nothing bad will happen to u.. sa mga lakad ko wala nmn akong naging problema.. i also i want to go back to siquijor mainly because i want to try the cliff diving but i need to learn how to swim first..

      happy travel!!!

  3. Interesting place to visit.
    Siquijor now is gaining tourists!

    1. Hi Reydan,

      Yes very interesting... the water - super clear, it's a small islnd but there are so many things to see and experience plus after your siquijor trip people tends to think that you so brave :) but relly nothing to worry .. locals are very friendly.

      happy travel!!!

  4. Si Kuya Joam din pala ung tour guide mo.Ang dami niyang kwento db? One of the best places to unwind :))

    1. hi ivy,

      yes sya rin guide namin... sobrang daming kwento and very informative naman :) sana nga ngovernight ako eh kaya lang kulang na sa time.

      happy travel!!!