Sunday, July 29, 2012


It's my first time in Puerto Galera and i just can't wait to explore this island.  Since many of my friends already went here and recommend this place.

Here's my PG experienced last May 2012.

It was a short notice that comes with a free accommodation.  I'm a budget traveler and having a free on my trip was really new to me since most of the time I always pay for it. I was not prepared so NO ITIN to follow and i just go with the flow. 

We stayed in El Canonero Beach Resort  which is located in Talipanan Beach. They also offer diving activities so if your interested might as well book with them. I know for a fact that Talipanan Beach is more secluded than the White Beach. They have a swimming pool where we spent the night chatting.



Close to this Beach Resort is an Italian restaurant called Luca Cuccina Italiana.  There food was a little bit pricey but very delicious. 

The following day we went on snorkeling and we paid around 1500php including the gears for a group of 8 pax.  


Did not get the chance to experience the night life in Puerto Galera so there's reason to go back. 

boat waiting area

Schedule of Boat out of the White Beach



Sunset - believe it or not... i was amazed..

I love over night trips especially if I'm travelling with people that I rarely see that's why whenever I got the chance I always grab it.

Choosing a destination was quite hard for me since I'm considering my travel mates and we have a 7 yr old kiddo on board.  Batangas was on top of our list, but where in Batangas? Research research research............

Then i came across the blog of my fellow PTB member and was so excited to see this "secret paradise" as he described it.  Then off we go.


Calatagan Bus is located at the back of McDonald's near MRT Taft station.  Travel time would be around 4 hours.  The bus will drop you at the Calatagan Public Market where you can buy the things you need for an overnight stay in Burot Beach then hire a trike for 200php (5adults+1kid). After 30-40 minutes you will arrive at the beach.  Entrance Fee is 120php each person.


There's no electricity in the island so if your planning to stay overnight you should be prepared.  We gather some woods and twigs to create our bonfire that night.  The water was clear and there are so many star fish scattered all over the place. I would recommend to arrived there early since it's low tide in the afternoon and you won't enjoy the beach. We stroll around the beach and just enjoy the place.  Anyways we came there to relax and chill =)


We spend around 900phper head for an overnight stay, that includes the fare, entrance and food.  





thank you RB, Jenny, Chowie, Dee and Ivan for joining me on this trip