Friday, December 26, 2014



the view was just captivating 

What to See?
I have visited some of the best beaches in the country but little did I know that I don't need to travel that far. I was indeed amazed by the clean clear blue waters of Hundred Islands. Best part of the trip was swimming and snorkeling, i just fell in love with this island. Here are some pictures ;)




How to Go?

Located in Alaminos, Pangasinan you can reach this beautiful heaven via Bus from Manila about 5-6 hours ride. Fare was about 400php for a one way trip on an air-conditioned bus.There are some buses servicing Manila - Alaminos route but Victory Liner and Five Star Bus are my top two choice.

Arriving Alaminos town proper you can hire a tricycle for about 100php one way heading to the Lucap Port (your jump off point) or you can go to the terminal and pay 20-25php one way.  In the Tourism office you need to pay Environmental fees 20php Day tour and 40php for overnight they provide 20% discount for senior citizen and children ages 5 years old and below are FREE. 

Here are the boat rates:
Small   (1-5 pax)     - 800 php      for overnight  1400 php
Medium (6-10 pax)     - 1000 php     for overnight  1800 php
Large (11-15 pax)     - 1100 php     for overnight  2000 php

Where to Stay?
There are so many accommodations you can choose from but our group decided to booked with Island Tropics. The place was very spacious and clean. Rates starts from 1600 - 2500 php good for two per night but since this is a team building we booked the Transient house for 5000 php per night.

Where to Eat?
Maxine Restaurant and Lodge and Island Tropic Hotel and Restaurant are two of the most popular restaurants in the area. However Maxine Restaurant got a better view.

Five Star Bus (Cubao) - 02-911-7359/421-471u6/421-4717
Victory Liner - 02-727-4688 / 02-410-8986 02- 727-4534
Tourisim Office - 075-551-25-05/ 075-696-15-68
Island Tropics - 09064697888 / 09995178411

this could have been a perfect picture if not for that flower looking umbrella  


Sunday, December 14, 2014


One of the best place to visit during your rest day would be the province of Batangas.  They offer many beautiful resorts and beaches. And I'm glad I found another one. The Laiya Coco Grove in San Juan, Batangas. It's not only the beach or the food but the excellent service of the staff that really got me.

Where to Stay?

Weird I'm asking that question since you definitely going to stay in this beach resort however there are so many types of accommodations you can choose from:

  1. TREE HOUSE-  best if your with your special someone feels like your Tarzan and Jane.
  2. BAHAY KUBO - DORMITORY -   if your planning a team building or a get together this place will suit you most since it can accommodate 20 guests.
  3. POOLSIDE COTTAGE - STANDARD this is more like a barkada room or  a small family room.
  4. POOLSIDE COTTAGE - DELUXE  - if you have more people coming this would be best for you.
  5. POOLSIDE COTTAGE - QUAD  - four rooms  - two upper adjoining rooms and two lower separate rooms if you guys wants more privacy.
For rates and inquiries please visit their website: LAIYA COCO GROVE


What to See?

Amazing white beach area. The water was so clean and clear. You can just stay and stare the beach all day. It's so relaxing. The swimming pool was one of my favorite too since it's not that deep. The water during the afternoon is the perfect time to take those pictures because it looks so beautiful. 

Do not forget to visit the White Beach which is located on the west side of the resort ask the friendly staff  to bring you there. And if you do, don't forget to bring some snacks and water. The beach area here is a way way better ;)

 hugs and kisses 

 saw something !!!!

no filter ;)
What to do?

Aside from swimming, and beach bumming you can play billiards, volleyball, table hockey, ping pong, trampoline and of course picture taking. And I almost forgot eatinggggggggggg. This resort serves good food and whats good about it? EAT ALL YOU CAN!!!

i got too excited to eat and forgot to take pictures of our lunch and dinner ;(

camping area

beach area

How much it cost?

Each person would pay around 2,500php to 4,000php depends on the type of room you have per night per stay. This already includes a full board meal (lunch, dinner and breakfast). Their chef cooks delicious food. Got a full tummy every time we eat ;)

You might find it too pricey but hey it's a full board meal and QUALITY service. The staff always smiles at you and attends to your needs. They were polite and prompt whenever you need their assistnace. No complaint about anything they are all so adorable.

Quick Tips
    • bring insect repellent
    • be there around 11am so can enjoy your lunch on your DAY1



    I'm a proud Novo Ecijano and so happy to tell you guys that you'll be able to see one breath taking scenery in our beloved province which is located in General Tinio, Nueva Ecija. Minalungao National park is a protected area that covers 2,018 hectares and 16 meters high limestone walls that will surely amazes you. Papaya is the previous name of General Tinio or for some its Gen. T.

    What to See?

    Your too stress with the things happening in the metro? This place is definitely for you. Just around three to four hours away from Manila you'll see a green colored river with a very unique rock formations that would calm your mind and spirit. Just good enough for another rough week ahead of you ;)

    Here's some of the views. 


    What to do?

    Swimming, spelunking, hiking, biking, dating and chilling around like this: 

    dating to the highest level .. sweettttttt

    saw some tired bikers

    look at the right side - a family enjoying the water 

    now look at the left - men of the family having a good time of their own

    me and my bestfriend for more than 20 years and counting - outside the cave

    Balsa rentals range from 500 to 800 round trip. 

    Where to Eat?

    We just grab something to eat in the market since we only intend to stay for about four to five hours. Bought some crackers, bread, sweets and water. They also got a small stores near the park area.

    How to go?

    From Manila you can ride a bus heading Cabanatuan but please make sure the route IS NOT SCTEX since it will NOT pass Gapan City which is the jump off point. Five Star terminal in Pasay and Cubao, Baliwag Terminal and Genesis Terminal in Cubao also serves these route. It will take about two to three hours:

    From Gapan -  you can hire a tricycle going to Minalungao National Park price range from 600php to 800php for a round trip depends on your bargaining power then ask Manong driver to wait, a three to four hours stay in the park is really not that bad. Travel time less than two hours.


    You can ride a jeepney for about 30php or hire a trike 150php to 200php from Gapan heading to town proper of Gen. Tinio - from there- the only option you have is to hire a tricycle. I didn't see any other option since no jeepneys take that route. Travel time less than an hour


    Private car / van but preferably it should be a big car since the road going to the park is very rough and bumpy. However according to some locals there, the local government are already doing something to have a better road. Hopefully on my next visit will see this developments. 

    Quick Tips
    • Do not go there alone. Travel with a group 
    • Best time to go before lunch 
    • Respect the nature and the locals
    • They collect entrance fees (less than 30php) and tour guide fee