Friday, December 26, 2014



the view was just captivating 

What to See?
I have visited some of the best beaches in the country but little did I know that I don't need to travel that far. I was indeed amazed by the clean clear blue waters of Hundred Islands. Best part of the trip was swimming and snorkeling, i just fell in love with this island. Here are some pictures ;)




How to Go?

Located in Alaminos, Pangasinan you can reach this beautiful heaven via Bus from Manila about 5-6 hours ride. Fare was about 400php for a one way trip on an air-conditioned bus.There are some buses servicing Manila - Alaminos route but Victory Liner and Five Star Bus are my top two choice.

Arriving Alaminos town proper you can hire a tricycle for about 100php one way heading to the Lucap Port (your jump off point) or you can go to the terminal and pay 20-25php one way.  In the Tourism office you need to pay Environmental fees 20php Day tour and 40php for overnight they provide 20% discount for senior citizen and children ages 5 years old and below are FREE. 

Here are the boat rates:
Small   (1-5 pax)     - 800 php      for overnight  1400 php
Medium (6-10 pax)     - 1000 php     for overnight  1800 php
Large (11-15 pax)     - 1100 php     for overnight  2000 php

Where to Stay?
There are so many accommodations you can choose from but our group decided to booked with Island Tropics. The place was very spacious and clean. Rates starts from 1600 - 2500 php good for two per night but since this is a team building we booked the Transient house for 5000 php per night.

Where to Eat?
Maxine Restaurant and Lodge and Island Tropic Hotel and Restaurant are two of the most popular restaurants in the area. However Maxine Restaurant got a better view.

Five Star Bus (Cubao) - 02-911-7359/421-471u6/421-4717
Victory Liner - 02-727-4688 / 02-410-8986 02- 727-4534
Tourisim Office - 075-551-25-05/ 075-696-15-68
Island Tropics - 09064697888 / 09995178411

this could have been a perfect picture if not for that flower looking umbrella  



  1. Hundred Islands is a very unique sighting around the world. The place itself is just amazing and if you're not familiar of it and have just seen on picture maybe you would say its from a different country.

    1. I totally agree with you Travel Bottles.

      Thanks for dropping by.

      Happy travels!!!