Friday, April 25, 2014


It's always nice to have a bestfriend who also loves to travel.  One text and BOOM,we already have a reservation for Day a Tour in CAMAYA SANDS RESORTS AND LEISURE.
It was not my KIND OF BEACH but since I'm with my bestfriend and kumare..i enjoyed my stay there..sometimes it's not all about the place but the people your with that matters most.

Going there was already an adventure.  You can opt via land that will take you from Manila to Mariveles Bataan for about 3 to 4 hours or you can take a the private ferry for 2 hours. 

Going there via ferry was a breeze.Fully air conditioned with a huge television that has a good sound system plus they also sell snacks on board so nothing to worry if you got hungry while sailing.

Then the need to cross this wooden bridge for about about 15 to 20 minutes before reaching the shore. 

I can't complain about the scenery, it was indeed beautiful. I can take tons of pictures and selfies and won't get tired on it.But upon checking the quality of water, nahhhhh i'd rather take some more pictures ... The sand was grayish and fine. They have these awesome Cabanas where you can relax while enjoying the view.

If you didn't like the water, check out the swimming pool.  The design was amazing.

This tour was arranged by one of the Sales Rep of Camaya and she showed us some of the properties on sale.  It was a good investment but for now we're just looking.

Food was okay. Serving was okay. Service was okay. However before we leave, there was a Fire Dance and the show was good, they also have a live band serenading the guest the entire afternoon and they're just the best :)

All in all for 1500 php day tour - it's worth it. I needed a break and I got it. Hope you'll find a better contact since I can not recommend anyone.