Sunday, January 19, 2014


2013 was not a year for travel .. it's time to focus on my career.  Last quarter of 2012, I am fully decided to leave my comfort zone and face new challenges in life.  But things did not work out the way it should be but still I'm happy cause I found a new and better job in a Financial account.  It may not be the DREAM job for me but for sure it can fulfill one of my dreams.

Yes, i did less travel for 2013. It's the main reason why I also got less post, or maybe i'm not so inspired to do one.  But 2013 was indeed one of the best if not the best year in my life. Here's my travels for 2013


My Team

This was the last team building for TEAM US VIRGINNI ISLAND and we all had a blast.  It will be one of the most unforgettable moment since it was my LAST but i'm happy being with my kids. They all supported me through thick and thin. They also understand why I needed to leave. Some of them also left before and after I leave the travel account.  I tried to keep in touch with them as often as a I can cause whenever I talked to them it brings out happy memories. (JOEL CRUZ)

The place was in Calatagan, Batangas, it was a nice quick getaway for all us. It was a perfect place for us.  Low tide plus the shore was a bit  rocky but it was not a hindrance not to enjoy the scenery. The sunset and sunrise was the ones we enjoyed most since most of us were photo addicts, selfies addicts and just addicted to take tons of photos.

I miss my kids so much.They're one of the reason why I stayed. They're the reason why I exist in this account.  They're the reason why we became the NUMBER ONE TEAM.  Thank you kids... Thank you so much!!!


Chinese Garden , Singapore

Stayed here for couple of months and maybe working in overseas was not really for me.  This was one of the hardest challenge I had so far.  Imagine your self waking up in the morning, to cook your breakfast, eat alone, prepare to work, work the entire day, dinner then sleep just to wake up in the morning to do the same routine again. During weekends you need to do your laundry cause nobody will do it for you and then iron it the following day. If your friendly enough you'll have weekend gimiks like, jogging, playing badminton or swimming, or attend some mass or service or watch movies or just a plain food trip or picnic with your friends. Yes that would be your life. I asked my friends where's the bar or drinking session nights but it was too expensive to splurge on this stuff even cigarettes are expensive here.

Then I asked them, If there happy, but they asked me back, HOW DO I DEFINE HAPPINESS? my question seems to be quite hard to answer so they just gave me these reasons: Salary was incomparable than what they get in the Philippines, their family needs the extra money for their siblings education, college education of their kids, parents medicine, support their family and others. Then I thought if there families only sees their sacrifices here they would be able to put more appreciation in every dollar they receive.

Marina Bay Sands taste so Gooddddddddd

Singapore thought me so many lessons in life, to value family, friends and work. And for that I thank all of those people I met during my short visit, my wonderful housemates in Clarence lane, my life group, my berks previous officemates and schoolmates. Hats off to all of you !!!


Been to Tagaytay a couple of times but not this cold.  It was indeed freezing but here I am wearing shorts and not so thick jacket. Tried the Bulalo and tapa, then visited Sonya's Garden, People's Park, Sky Ranch and Picnic Grove. It was very refreshing and you can never go wrong in Tagaytay :)


I want to close the year to do what I love most which is travelling.  And I thank my bestfriend for giving me the opportunity to travel again. Vising the Canyon Cove was indeed a refreshing experience for the year that was and I'm so backkkk.

I miss the fine sand that covers my feet, the clear blue water that enlightens my eyes, the sun that kisses my skin and the people who touches my heart whenever I hear their stories.  I miss this and the place was just a great way to jump start my travels again.

So that's my 2013... nothing much right but I learned a lot this year... Thank you for taking time to read my posts.. Thank you for all of your support.  2014 will be a balance between travels and work - but i'm praying for more trips this year :).