Monday, June 20, 2011


Since it will be the 150th birthday of my favorite hero Dr. Jose Rizal, i would like to see the place where this little Pepe grew up.  

The house from the outside look simple.  Mostly of the houses the i saw in Laguna looks very cute, however i was not able to go inside because of this...

i went on this trip on a Monday =(

bawal ang pLASTIK!!




Even though i was not able to go inside the house i knew that one of these days ill be back in Laguna to visit this place again.  I love the idea that Rizal will be celebrating his 150th birthday and im soooo lucky to witnessed this. 

Near the Rizal Shrine was the church of Laguna.  Of all the churches i've visited this is the only one that has a mass going on, and since im wearing shorts that day i wasn't able to go inside.  but i still take pictures of the church and its garden.

Church of San Juan Bautista 

Infront of the church was a plaza that has a huge pot.. they called it "banga" .. The baranggay of Calamba was written all over the banga, it was soo huge you won't missed it.  

and my trip in Laguna ends here.  I enjoyed it sooo much.  I'll probably do solo trips more often..  Doing this trip made me realized that i loved to see old stuff, hehehehehe.....  like old churches and houses...there's something in them that amazes me!!! 

How to get here:
pila - calamba  = 35.00 php (jeep)
calamba - shrine = 40.00 php (round trip trike)