Sunday, June 19, 2011


I always do my itinerary from the farthest to the closest  place i wanna visit.  Next stop would be in Nagcarlan.

It was about 12 kilometers away from  Pagsanjan and the form of transportation would be via jeep and walking.  Around Nagcarlan you can take a Tricycle to go around the  place.  The weather was so unpredictable..  Early that morning it was a bit raining and when i reached Nagcarlan it was sooo HOT! as if i was inside an oven, that how hot it is..

2 reasons why i wanna go to this place:

1.  to visit the Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery   Historical Landmark  is the only cemetery in the country that served as a meeting place of the rebels way back 1896.  It is Open from Tuesday to Sunday  8am - 4pm.  

this is the shots na wish ko merong panoramic shots ang camera ko =(

2. to see the Nagcarlan Church - it is also known as St. Bartholomew the Apostle Church. This was built way back 1752.  One of the most beautiful churches i've seen in my life.   It was very easy to reach because the jeep usually passed in front of the church.

His my favorite Hero.. im trying to take pictures of him whenever i saw one =)

Grotto beside the church.. there so many things i need to 
pray for =)

How to get here:
FRom; pagsanjan - sta. cruz  = 8.00 php
sta. cruz  -  nagcarlan     = 28.00 php
nagcarlan church - cemetery - 40.00 php (round trip)


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