Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I always make my own itinerary but I don't research that much on the attraction that we're going to visit, just to have that sense of surprise and excitement.  Going to Phnom Penh from Siem Reap  via bus takes about 7 hours but the long travel was all worth it.  I learned so many things during my stay and their stories during the Khmer Rouge Strikes me the most.

Cambodians suffered so much during the Khmer Rouge from 1975 to 1979. So much, that I can't even stand looking at those pictures on the walls, reading the leaflet on my hand and listening to the survivors stories. 

I know i'll be seeing skulls but I never realize that I'll see almost everything in details. 

Upon arriving at the museum  you will be given an audio for your tour (translated in different languages). Here, it will narrates stories on how they start torture, do the torture, and eventually kill these people whom they thought was different or enemy. But the worst part was even those infants / babies / children were also killed.

On this photos kindly read what was written and you'll have an idea how it's been done.  

Entrance Fee - $5 USD

schedules and rules 

the audio tour comes in many a free WIFI


2 Types of Trees - THE KILLING TREE AND MAGIC TREE - one was used for killing and the other one was an accessory to the crime.

And then you see these... bones, skulls, remains of the victims who suffered long enough before they died... I just can't believe someone was capable on doing this kind of inhumane treatment. 


In my entire life I have not seen anything like this.  My tears fall down as I toured the area.  Hearing those stories, listening to that actual music being played when they torture those people, reading that leaflet .... it made me cry... and i cried a lot ....... it breaks my heart why such cruel things like these needs to happen.. Whatever reason they have, it's unacceptable... 

I strongly recommend to visit the KILLING FIELDS when your in PHNOM PENH... lots of things to learn and to realized... Up until now I'm still getting goosebumps whenever I remember this trip.