Friday, July 26, 2013



This is not my first time to visit Sentosa Island but everytime I go there, they always have something new to offer, so it is as if my first time. This is one of those places that you need to spend a day or two just to enjoy it since your paying a HUGE amount of money for the experience :)

How to go?

You have lots of options:
  • Cable Car -  this would be the the most exciting way to go there for $26SGD located in Harbourfront.  And yes, i tried it on my first visit and you will be able to see the aerial view of the city.
  • Express Train - If $26SGD was quite expensive for you, then take the train in Vivo City for $4SGD only.  This is a smaller version of MRT.
  • Sentosa Boardwalk - If you're up for a long walk and want to have a little bit of exercise during your trip, then take this option. There are walkalators on the Boardwalk with gaps just to lessen your stress. This will only cost you $1SGD to enter Sentosa (CHEAPEST)
  • Bus - there's a bus outside Harbourfront that would bring you to RSW (Resorts World) for less than $2SGD  

What to See?

  • Universal Studios Singapore (USS) - Entrance Fee  $74SGD - this was a little bit expensive for me since I'm not really adventurous on rides and not a Woody Woodpecker fan. I skip it :)  But please don't be discourage to go, I'm sure you will enjoy it somehow. 
  • Marine Life Park - So many things have change since the last time I step on this Island and this is just one of them. It was divided into two parts that cost $33SGD each:
  1. S.E.A Aquarium - The WORLD's Largest Aquarium and you will never be disappointed  since they do have tons of fish varieties, gazillion gallons of water, humongous aquarium, and a big area to put everything together.  
  2. Adventure Cove Waterpark - due to lack of time I was not able to swim here (Which i regret up until this day) The water slides, swimming pools, and other attraction that they have was so amazing.  Kids and kids at heart will love it here. 
  • Songs of the Sea - for $12SGD, you will enjoy the lights and sounds of this show.  It was my first time to see images on water with different light colors and I was like a 7 year old kid watching.  
  • Skyline Luge Sentosa - $13SGD and you can experience the Skyride which I think was okay but if your afraid of heights you wont enjoy it, but the LUGE was awesome. Luge will be my all time favorite ride in Singapore especially if your racing with your friends..  Epic moments  :)
  • Tiger Sky Tower - $15SGD and you will be elevated for about 131 meter above sea level.  Seeing Sentosa, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia up there will be another experience so have your cameras ready and take those shots.
  • Beaches - beaches in Sentosa do not charge any fees the Palawan, Siloso and Tanjong just make sure you'll bring some food , picnic blanket , and a good company to make it more special.  
  • iFly Singapore - sky diving is part of my MUST DO BEFORE I DIE but it cost more than what I can pay for, $99SGD. I regret that I was not able to save some money for this coz I know it will be worth it. Have you tried this one? how does it feel? 
Where to Eat?

There are tons of food stalls, restaurant and fine dining scattered all over the island so do not worry just in case you got hungry.  

Where to Stay?

This is so obvious, i think the Resorts World Sentosa will give you lots of choices for your accommodation. Just pick something that goes with your budget and preferences.   Rates are around $250SGD per night.


Monday, July 22, 2013


Singapore - one of the most expensive city in the WORLD. And now, how can you make it cheap? Well, if you really want to enjoy Singapore but your in a tight budget (then don't go) just kidding.  Let me give you some tips on how to spend those Sing Dollars wisely :)

1. Get a MAP - once you arrived Changi Airport, grab a map, they have different maps (for free) just get one of each.  Then read it !!!

2. EZ Link Card - your tour will be a lot easier if you have this card. Pay MRT, bus, Entrance Fees and Food using this card. I think I bought it for about 5 or 7 SGD on my first visit way back 2009. 

3. PLAN your itinerary - you can save not only money but time if you planned your itinerary well according to locations.  

4. NO ENTRANCE FEEs -  If you like shopping or window shopping then I think you will feel the SHOPPING MALL OVERLOAD here but if you would want something like historical, nature or just to chill check out this places here.

5. ACCOMMODATION - hotels in Singapore are quite expensive, check backpackers inns, transient houses or better yet ask your friends if they can accommodate you for maybe a day or two heehhee.. that would be a lot of savings :)

6. HAWKER - if Philippines got "karinderya" this is the Singapore version of it.  And you can get for as low as 2 SGD for a complete set of meal.

7. USD - whenever travelling outside the country, always carry USD notes.  Most of the time the rates tends to increase, and that's good. You'll have a couple more of dollar to spend.

8.  ATTRACTIONS - Entrance Fees for Singapore's popular attractions was quiet expensive, let me break it down to you guys:

MBS (Marina Bay Sands) - 20SGD for the Sands SkyPark Observation Deck but you are not allowed to swim not unless you're a hotel guests.

USS (Universal Studios Singapore) - 74SGD for one day pass 

Marine Life Park -  the World's Largest Aquarium for 33SGD entrance fee

Adventure Cove - 33SGD and please spend your entire day here to enjoy it

Singapore Flyer - 33SGD. If London got LONDON EYE and Manila Got MOA EYE then this is what they have in Singapore. 

9. ANCHORPOINT in Alexandra Rd. - if you love Cotton On, Giordano, Billabong, Fox, G2000, and Charles and Keith, then this OUTLET shopping place is for you.  Get the best deals on this branded items up to 70% off.

10. TOURIST TAX REFUND - if you spend more than 100SGD you can refund the tax at the airport. 

11. Phone with GPS - this is my savior. Especially when I need to walk from one place to another or find a specific place. Thanks to Motorola RAZR that perfectly works even without the internet. 

12. KNOW YOUR BUS STOP - it is eminent that you know your bus stop since the buses here has a designated stops, once you missed it, you just need to walk as in WALK to go to your destination. Take this advise, take a photo of the bus stops then count :) or research before leaving your house, check or

Please take note the Singapore was very easy to navigate and to go around the tourist spots, but if you want to hire a
tourist guide or join a group tour" it's really up to you since it will really cost you couple of dollars more.

If you party like there's no tomorrow while drinking a beer that cost about 12SGD per bottle, smoking that cigarette for 12SGD per pack and your food for about 10SGD. Well, I think in Singapore you'll lessen all of these. That's a very expensive night life, don't you think?

Hope I was able to give you an idea on how much you would be needing when travelling to Singapore.  Just set the budget and work on that, not the other way around. 



This is my third time to visit Singapore and I will never get tired of this place.  Every time I land on this country, it was like it was always my first time.  They always have something new to offer. But since I got tons of time and a little amount of money. I've checked out places that are worth visiting with out paying any entrance fees. 

1.  CHINATOWN -  This place got so many things to offer from cheap souvenirs, to food trips, historical places/sites, and the list goes on and on.  Here are some of the places I've visited: 

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum - everything inside this temple was very interesting for me.  No Fees :)

Red Dot Museum - go during the MAAD (Market of Artist and Designers) and you won't need to pay any entrance fees plus you'll also experience free concert :). But if you want to go on a regular day then that would be 8SGD.

Sri Mariamman Temple - You need to pay around 5SGD to go inside the temple but the view from the outside was enough for me.

Thian Hock Keng Temple - no fees at all

Smith Street - food tripping on this area and it's worth your money

Speaker's Corner - a quiet place near Chinatown area and from here you'll be able to see some unique building designs like the Furama City Centre Hotel and Park Royal on Pickering.

2.  CHINESE GARDEN - awesome place for picnic and photo shoot. 

3.  GARDENS BY THE BAY - yes no entrance fees on the south bay but if you want to go inside the conservatories then you need to pay about 28SGD 

4. MARINA BARAGE - nice place to chill, just grab a good book and your good

5. MERLION PARK - will give you a good view of the Marina Bay Sands and Esplanade

6. SENTOSA ISLAND - you just need to pay 1SGD if your going to use the Boardwalk Walkalator and about 2SGD if your going to ride the express trains

7. ARAB STREET - get that vibe and taste of the middle east with out even getting out of Singapore

8. HARBOUFRONT CENTRE - i just love lying down on the wooden floor. 

9. CHANGI AIRPORT - yes, the AIRPORT, this airport knows how to keep their passengers entertained all the time

10. FORT CANNING PARK - one of the best place to jog and again photo shoot.

There are still lots of places you can go and visit, so just have a comfortable footwear coz there will be a lot of walking going on.