Monday, November 5, 2012


Well I decided to have a separate post on this mainly because I think it's worth it.  To see some of the most beautiful scenery in the WORLD sometimes you need to endure pain :) and so I did.  Going here was kinda painful on my butt, due to lack of time I  rented a motorcycle from Dumaguete City  ( got a flight back to Manila that afternoon) going to this place and it took us more than an hour to get there.  The road was half rough and concrete. So can you just imagine  if your not used to ride a motorcycle and then you have this.  I just told to myself that this should be worth it... 

My best friend who lives in Dumaguete helped me out on finding a motorcycle driver so i'll be safe and get a discount as well.  I paid 400php that already includes the gas.  Kuya Jun was really nice, he picked me up at my hotel, and drop me off at the airport.  He was my photographer on this trip. I just like the his service. And he never complained whenever I asked him to stop since I'm really not comfortable riding a habal habal (motorbike).

You will see a huge monument of Mother Mary - make sure you pay here a visit

We saw this church on the way to the lake and according to Kuya Jun - The sun dances inside of this church 

Do you know how this boulder of rocks get up here?  Kuya Jun can't answer me.

There's an entrance/parking fee that you need to pay (forget the amount but it's very minimal).  A little walk around 10 minutes to reach the lake. And then I told myself "YES IT'S WORTH IT!". What I'm seeing right now is the Lake Balinsasayao.  

The water was so calm and for a moment I just want to relax myself since getting here was not that easy.  After couple of minutes I asked the guide their how can I get to Lake Danao.  

He said I got 3 options: 
  • 100php for the kayak rental
  • 200php for the boat rental
  • Walk for about 30minutes (depends on your speed)
I'm trying my best to spend less on this trip but I'm against time so I decided to take the fastest way to go there - Rent a boat - 200php damage on my budget -- Well I think this is indeed very expensive for a one hour ride.  Been to places and this rate was kinda high.  I'm not sure if you can split the payment with the other tourist but since I'm the only one there that time I got really No Choice at all.

The boat was manually maneuver by the boatman and Kuya Jun helped him out.   I asked why they don't have  a motorized boat. Well the response was very environmentalist "Gusto po kasi namin mapanatili and kalinisan ng lawa, ung gas po kasi nakakasira po un ng tubig" (We would like to preserve the lake, if we're going to use gas, it will ruin the water) CLAP CLAP!!!  Well I'm just happy to know that these locals was oriented properly on how they can take care of their environment.

After about 10minutes we are on the other side of the lake and from here we need to walk for another 5 minutes or so.  Kuya Jun reached the lake first and it was not as develop as the Lake Balinsasayao side but the water here was also calm.  

Kuya Jun

Going to the Twin Lakes was very refreshing to me.  After my Cagayan trip, I got this fascination on lakes and river.  And I'm so glad I pushed this trip to the twin lakes. It's WORTH IT!!!



  1. Hi,

    Do you the contact number of the driver (habal-habal)?
    How much did you pay for his service?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi there,
      Nakisuyo Lang ako dun Sa ka friend ko na ihanap ako mg pwedeng maghatid saken dito. Pero di po sya talaga nag papaupa.. I paid him 300php tapos pinameryenda ko na Lang po..
      Happy travels !!!