Friday, February 22, 2013


Your itinerary will always depend on how many days/nights you'll be in Cambodia.  Here's the sample itinerary for 4 nights 5 days itinerary:

We arrived SR around 9pm on a Sunday and it's a good thing that the hotel we booked (Bousavvy Guesthouse) provides a free airport pickup. Since it's already late we decided to take a rest and start our day as early as possible:

Day 1
wakeup call at around 6am. breakfast and then start our trip.  First you need to pay the Angkor Pass (20usd One day, 40usd three days and 60usd one week). We're only going to use it for 2days so we do not have any choice but to buy the 40usd to avoid hassles in entering the temples just in case somebody check it. Kindly take note that this should be taken in consecutive days from the date of issuance.Then you can now start your tour around the temples. 

Highlight of our day 1 would be the would be seeing the Angkor Wat for the firs time.  We were like kids taking pictures here and there. It's been a while since my last out of the country trip and it's all worth the wait.

Day 2
wake up call at around 4am since we want to see the sunrise in Angkor Wat.  We're kinda surprise that lots of foreigners are also in the area and want to have a glimpse of the sunrise.  Around 630am we headback to the guesthouse for breakfast and start our Day 2 around 8am.

Highlight of day 2 was close encounter with the monkeys.  It was not part of the trip but our tour guide was so nice to brought us here.  

nga nga monkey - nga nga 

kiss monkey - kiss

here's your biscuit

Day 3 
call time around 5am since we want to see the city capital of Cambodia - Phnom Penh.  Phnom Penh was about 6 to 7 hours away from SR and bus fare was about 8usd to 13usd.  I would suggest to take these buses- Capitol, Giant Ibis, and Mekong Express. Other bus companies will take like forever before you reach your destination.

We reached PP around 2PM, and start our city tour until around 7PM.  We just got too tired and prefer to sleep that night

Day 4 
call time around 6am since we want to start as early as possible since we have a flight around 10 pm.  we visited the S21 and the Killing Fields. This is the tour that really breaks my heart. 

Highlight of this trip was catching our flight back to Manila. We are on the wrong bus as in very very wrong. The 6 hour trip we have on our way to PP was like 8 hours with Sorya Bus when we are going back to SR. So imagine that. It's a good thing that we make friend with Sarath (tuktuk driver) and he picked us up at the bus terminal and he was driving crazy heading to the airport. Good thing we still able to check in. 

That's our itinerary for Cambodia trip.  We would like to cross the boarder to Bangkok but aside from budget we do not have time. Well there's always another time for that. But all in all, my trip in Cambodia was memorable because it really touched my heart. 



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