Monday, September 12, 2011


Before anything else, i would like to confess on something.  My Ilo ilo / Guimaras trip would be one of those trips that i came not that prepared.  I'm just tooooooo busy on my work and i need to give more time sa team ko.  I entrusted this trip to one of my travel bud Reyvz and he did a good job.  Thanks Reyvz.  

reyvz.. enjoying the beach 

A night before our trip i read some blogs about Iloilo and Guimaras.  I got some travels tips from my ptb family... thanks guys.. 

From Iloilo you need to ride a boat and pay about 14php to get to Guimaras Island. You'll travel for about 15 minutes.  Upon arriving at the Jordan port, We hired a jeepney to take us in GUISI CLEARWATER RESORT (total of 17 pax), Travel time was a bout 1hour (900php). ok namn ung daan, di masyadong malubak... if it wasnt that Hot i'll probably go up sa taas ng jeep and enjoy the ride.. =)

We got a room and contacted a boatman for our island tour. but we headed first to Raymen Resort to have a super late Lunch.  After our lunch we go to the Turtle Island and Ave Maria.  We only visited 3 islands since the weather that day was really not that good.  When i mean NOT GOOD its really NOT GOOD....(wats new, ganun naman ata talga kapag kasama ako... heehehheeh_)

Raymen Resort is closer than Guisi... it's more practical to stay here since malapit cya sa lahat. It's like White beach of puerto Gallera..  but if u want a peaceful and better view resort i would still go for Guisi Clearwater Resort. Sa Raymen mas accessible ang island hopping, mas malapit ito sa Turtle Island at Ave Maria about ten minutes away.

room rates sa Raymen Resort

the sand and water here was not that good as Guisi

The resto in Raymen was Okay.. affordable and ok naman ang staff nila..  Masyado na kasi ang gutom na inabot ko kaya im speechless heheheheeh

Ang lakas ng alon ng dagat... halos punuin ng tubig dagat ang aming bangka.. Ang liit kasi ng bangka namin, good for 5-6 people.. we just entrusted our lives sa boatman namin.. that time WE DONT HAVE A CHOICE!!!....   

Before pa lang kaming maglunch naguusap na ang iba na not to continue the trip and just head back to the resort and rest...but since part of the group wants to continue the journey.. itinuloy na lang namin ang island hopping...

 ang lakas ng alon... na halos pasukin nito ang bangka namin. este napasok na pala..

Turtle Island was just the opposite of Ave Maria Island... the water and sand was more clear here, than what we have in Guisi.. di cya masyadong mabato, mas masarap magswim...

In turtle island , i saw 4 pawikans =).... i was looking or expecting for more pero un na daw un hehehehhee..... Kaya sya tinawag na Turtle Island ay dito daw nangingitlog ang mga pawikan, sayang di ko ito nasaksihan sana pagbalik ko dito mas madami akong makitang turtles =)

 finer sands in Turtle Island

Tra ppist Monastery 

Balita ko masarap ang Mango Bar nila, ang paminsan minsan lang ako nakakakita ng mga nasa monasteryo.. so this is part of the side trip we had in Guimaras...   Ang babait ng mga pari dito, and they also serve the community by giving out medicines ... pinagsulat nila kami sa isang papel sa lahat ng hiling namin and them we gave so donations para na rin kahit panu makatulong naman  kami sa komunidad.  Nagdasal din kami sa chapel nila, sobrang tahimik...very relaxing =)

The pitsto

It's one of the many resto in Guimaras but we choose this to taste the mango pizza and chicken adobo with mangoes. But r delicious unfortunately i wasn't able to take picture of the pizza :)

I would still wanna go back to Guimaras Island, I under estimated the things that this Island can offer.  And i apologized for that. That's why im gonna go back and explore more on December 2011.  I hope this time i'll be seeing more islands and have more activities, and sympre matikman ang infamous GUimaras Mangoes =)



  1. never had i read a blog post about guimaras na hindi maalon. hehe guess it's part of the experience! =)

  2. @chyng...
    ganun ba... normal na pala un.. hhehehheh.. lahat ksi kami natakot ng bonga eh.. but ur ryt it was part of the experience that will never forget =)

    happy travel!!!

  3. may i know how far is the abby from jordan port?

    1. Hi Christine,

      around 15 to 20 minutes via tricycle.. actually madami kayong madadaanan na views before you get there.

      happy travel!!!

  4. Nice write-ups...very helpful to me. Especially on my forth-coming adventure in the island...I wonder if we could just do the island hoping and road trips for a day...Is it possible?

    1. hi there byaheng jologs,

      hmmmm... one day.. super hectic namn ata un but i think it's possible but i dont recommend it.. baka kasi di mo maenjoy ung island hopping eh.. enjoy ur trip..

      happy travel!!!