Friday, May 18, 2012


Snorkeling - the water surrounded by the island was just so amazing.  the water was like a blue, green, and a mixed of both.  But what amazes me was the things inside of it. Fishes... too many fishes.  One of the water activities that I love to do was snorkeling and I can say, this was the best that i had this year.  Different sea creatures, and corals... lots of them. The water was just so clear that our guide was able to get a clear shot of me =)

Wind Surfing - I'm very adventurous when it comes to outdoor activities.. i never say NO.. it can be cliff diving, scuba diving, or bungee jumping.. name it. I'm in..  But i know one of the things that I hated most was i need to BALANCE myself, it's so difficult specially with this size =(.. Urrghhh, but this was just for experience and so for the love of adventure, i was able to survive it. The feeling was just sooooo amazing that you don't wanna stop, i felt like I'm floating in the thin air. And seeing this beautiful things around me was very rewarding.

Kayak - I'm so DONE with kayak after this trip, coz of this, I was injured again for the Nth time and I just hate it. I was not able to move my knees for couple of days. The only thing I was happy about doing this activity was we were able to see and explore the entire island. 

Swim - one thing i really enjoyed on this trip was the infinity pool. I'm not a pool fun, im more of the beach person but it was the best swimming pool for me.  The 5 ft. depth was okay for my height, the flow of the water was so amazing to see and it was warm. Yehey!! can you blame me and my best friend we're able to swim for hours before going to bed.. =)  i love it!

 There are still lots of activities you can do while on this island.  We just take what was complimentary on the package (snorkeling and kayak)  and pay an extra for what we think was worth it (wind surfing). 


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