Friday, May 18, 2012


I'm a budget/cheap traveler. My family and friends knows that and spending more than 12k for just a one night stay was just too crazy for me. Not that I can't afford but I will never do that. Twelve thousand pesos can already take me for couple of days vacation outside Luzon, be in a week rest out of town or buy some nice gadgets for my next trip but definitely won't spend it for a night stay.  However I had this trip but I will make it more less to you, 12k was just an estimate but if you want to cut it low, here are my tips:

1.  WAIT FOR A SALE - there so many deals going on online like  ENSOGO, BUYANIHAN etc who offers 50% to 70% off all you need to do is to constantly check it and wait.  I would also recommend to check travel agencies like ASIA TRAVEL they also have this same deals from time to time.

2. NO TO FLIGHT - the only airline caters this route was ZESTAIR..and i'm telling you, you don't wanna messed up with your vacay, starting with a super delayed flight.  Believe me, the delayed on this airline was UNACCEPTABLE and the worst part of it, you paid around five thousand pesos for a roundtrip ticket.. 5k? for a Marinduque trip , crazy, right.. It's better to take a direct bus going there, JAC LINER was highly recommended, for less than 900php you can reach Marinduque in about 10hours or less. I would take this, since your travel would be more comfortable and hey they have a FREE WI FI =)

3. BRING FOOD - yes we did.  I got some cookies and biscuits while my travel buddies got some instant noodles and bread.  Now your asking me, i was able to pay this much but i can't even afford to pay for my meals.. well again, I'm just a budget traveler and visiting Bellarocca was just for experience and not to gain more pounds hehehehe... Well, the food was quite expensive around 800 - 1000 php per meal.. i can not pay that amount 3x a day. That's too much for me. 

4. BUFFET - i'm not sure but when we're there, they only served buffet once a day, but according to the front desk it varries from time to time . You better check it out. You'll be saving a lot if you avail this. Breakfast was about 650++ , lunch and dinner 750++ and the food was great plus the service, No complains =)

5. BASE RATE FOR 2- normally hotel base rate was good for two, now if your planning to booked three people, just add the third person after you booked your reservation.  Normally it comes cheaper, believe me...  =) 

Hopefully yo find this things helpful enough to get your Bellarocca trip more affordable.



  1. do they check bags kung may food?

    1. Nope they don't ..

      Happy travel!!!