Saturday, April 7, 2012


Laoag is the capital city of Ilocos Norte. This place got so many things to offer unfortunately we only have one whole day to go around and see it.

Here are some of the places we've visited:

Sinking Bell Tower - yes it is sinking.  I can't even get a better look or picture of this belfry since many establishments were scattered around it aside from the fact that it's located on the busiest road of the city.

St. William's Cathedral - one of the oldest church I've visited.. it was built 1612 by the Augustinian friars.


Sand Dunes - i've been dreaming of visiting Sahara Desert but for now Paoay Sand Dunes will be fine. I would love to try the sand boarding (it's like a snow boarding but you have sand instead) but due to limited time and resources we skip this, maybe next time. We are also fortunate to see the "Going Bulilit" casts (kiddie show in Philippines)since they taping their Laoag episode that day.





Paoay Church - one of the four baroque churches in the Philippines by the UNESCO World Heritage Site.  When we went there, construction of the church was going on. But it didn't stop us to take some nice pictures.

it's under construction - what can i say.. lucky me :(


Paoay Lake - it was a calm and beautiful scenery. I just wish we can stay there longer.


Malacanang Ti Amianan - also known as Malacanang of the North. I was able to see and feel how the Marcoses lived during their era.  The furnitures, pictures and other stuff looks very expensive. For an entrance fee of P20 you can tour around the  place and take  dozens of pictures.  







Fort Ilocandia Golf and Country Club - I was able to see and feel the room of the Marcoses during their time.



Marcos Museum - due to brown out, i was not able to see the museum.   





  1. i haven't been much around in laoag. the last time i toured the place was about 5 years ago. when we went to laoag last year, rain was pouring hard we barely got out of the van. hopefully, within this year, i can go back to laoag and explore more of the place. nice photos you have here :)

    1. Thanks Gladys , you should go back there during summer mas maenjoy mo...the last time i was there, inulan din kami but not that hard...

      Happy travel!!!