Sunday, April 29, 2012


I must admit, never in my entire life I imagined that I'll be able to stay on such luxurious place.  How can an average call center employee will be able to afford more or less than 30,000php per night stay? I can answer that question with conviction... NEVER!!!

But things change.. thanks to my best friend skills in finding great deals i was able to booked my stay there  on a much cheaper cost..  unfortunately i can not give details here.. just an estimate of everything we spend there. I can say around 35,000php good for 3 pax including the transportation, food and activities. Again this is just for one night stay.

The most expensive hotel i've ever stayed, who knows that this luxury hotel and spa also got some sales and deals going on.  So better check with your trusted travel agency they might get you the best deal ever.

My Bellarocca Experience - DAY 1

Upon the plane arrival around 10am, we were given cold towels and a mineral water.  The van driver also gave us a heads up that the travel time will be about forty five minutes and another transfer from the port to the island which is less than 10 minutes. We are so happy, they all treat us like princesses.  Nobody aside from us was in the van. I think they have this ONE room ONE van policy when arriving in Bellarocca.

From the port, we were given life vest / jacket. A motor boat  picked us up going to the island. Everyone was full of excitement, we actually want to be as discrete as possible but we can't hide our happiness.  Bellarocca here we come!!!  

Upon arriving in the island. A welcoming committee was waiting for us, greeted us and even gave us flower necklace, we felt like politicians =).  We were picked up by a golf car (another first for me). On our way to the hotel i told to myself "don't tell me, there's a band waiting for us"... actually it was close.. a group of female receptionist were all singing and clapping when we arrived. Sweet!!!



We check in, refresh ourselves and change to our Bellarocca attire. I seldom wear dresses during my trips but this is one of those trips that I need to be a lady like. It's time to enjoy the place and take a tons of pictures.

First we had our Lunch Buffet about 750+++ php per head and it was around 130pm.. The food was great, got a full stomach when we left the table since we booked our island tour around 3pm. Exactly 3pm, another golf car picked us up in the hotel lobby and start the island tour.

Kuya Sam (island tour guide/driver/photographer) was a funny guy. He always makes jokes and laugh with us.  We are super satisfied on his services.  He showed the villas where Derek Ramsey, Paolo Contis, and John Lloyd Cruz stayed. He informed us about the rates of each villas.. Kindly take note more than 1000USD.  WOW!!!


Then around 430pm we change to our swimming attire. Bellarocca's infinity pool was so inviting, can't help but swim.. swim.. and swim..

beside the infinity pool

Around 545pm we want to catch the sunset, so we head on to the helipad site, where you can get a better view.. but we were too late, according to the staff, sunset in Bellarocca would only takes about 5minutes .. ... lucky me =(

We head back to our hotel room, but me and my best friend were still not satisfied.. we want to swim again. Near our room, another infinity pool was waiting for us.. we were there from 7pm til 10pm.

My Bellarocca Experience - DAY 2

Wake up call - 5am - I want to see the sunrise.. waking up this early after hours of swimming plus a very comfortable bed was quite hard for me but i want to maximize my stay in Bellarocca, i want to maximize my money. (who doesn't right?)

Around 6am the sun is almost up but we still manage to have some couple of good shots. 

Are activity started around 630am, first was snorkeling, then wind surfing and kayaking.. were able to finished everything around 930am. 

We head back to our hotel room and found out that Breakfast buffet is on going until 10am.. though we only have less than 30minutes to eat, that was okay. There's always a LAST CALL =)

Around 1030am, we prepared ourselves for our departure. Everything was set and good to go around 12nn.

It was one of the most unforgettable travel experienced I've ever had in my entire life. Yes it was expensive but I want you to think it this way.. "YOUR NOT PAYING FOR THE HOTEL, YOUR PAYING FOR THE EXPERIENCE" and yes my stay in BELLAROCCA WAS AWESOME!!!



  1. wala akong ibang masasabi kundi, naiinggit ako... hanggang pangarap nalang yata ang Bellaroca sa akin... hihihi!

    1. hi Mervs,

      knowing you, yakang yaka mo to no.. i know how hard working you r (based on your write ups) mapagiipunan mo din to.. promise heehehe
      malapit mo na nga matapos ang lahat ng provinces ng pinas.. dun naman ako ingit at bilib sa yo..

      happy travel!!!

  2. astig ka marie!!! awesome! yun na girl! =)

    1. Hi lovelee,

      yes it is an AweSOME!!! experienced love it =)

      happy travel!!!

  3. ang sosyal , pangmayaman kaya ang bellarocca haha

    1. Hi chino,

      Uu nga, buti nakakuha kami ng mejo magandang deal.. One night lang nmn eh hehhehhee

      Happy travel!!,