Saturday, July 16, 2011


Me and my best friend Anne are so excited about this trip.  We're able to get the seat sale of Airphil round trip tickets for just 245php (not bad.. right).  First time to fly also with Airphil and there's nothing so excited to talked about the plane experienced aside from seeing the flight attendants wearing shorts. =)

We arrived Legazpi around 10am and damn its the perfect time to arrived in Albay. WHY?  Mt. Mayon welcomed us with its Gigantic size and perfect cone shape, I could not asked for more.  When the plane landed everyone clapped, i thought it was because we had a safe landing but i was wrong, we can clearly see the Mt. Mayon.  No clouds were covering its cone, it was trully a magnificent site =)

During my elementary days my teacher in the subject Sibika and Kultura told me that Mt. Mayon has  a perfect cone shaped.  That's the main reason why its so popular and many tourist visits this place.   In my entire life I've never imagined that one day mt. mayon and i will meet each other. And i tell you it was a shocking meeting =) hahhahahahah (natakot si mayon>?) hahahahah

I've been reading blogs, books and magazines about Mt. Mayon but i never thought that it was soooooo huge!..  I've seen Mt. pinatubo and Taal Volcano but these two were incomparable when it comes to size.  please forgive my innocence, i didn't know that Mayon will be this big, Sa sobrang laki nya halos kung san parte ka man ng Albay magpunta matatanaw mo cya. That's how big it is =) seriously ang laki nga nya eehehheh =)

If you can only see my reaction upon seeing it the first time, i was like a kid amazed on something in front of me, wondering how this thing grew up this big =) (feeling ko kasi tao cya na lumalaki lang ehhehe )

Mayon rises 2462 m (8,077 ft) above the gulf, can you just imagine that.  I will never get tired taking pictures of this amazing sight =)

Unfortunately since my budget for this 3day trip was only 3000php i cant afford to include ATV on my activities since it cost 1,800php and ill be able to explore Mt.Mayon closer. Maybe next time =)


When we are waiting for our flight... Mt. Mayon is just infront of us... taking its best pose.. nakakaloka talaga... picture taking talaga kami sa airport =)


I will forever be amazed by its beauty. It was indeed one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen



  1. I want extreme Mayon experience. I came across your blog because i'm looking for itineraries. Whew! Sana maakyat ko rin ang crater nito.

  2. dee quixotic,

    me too.. wanna go back to albay... dami ko din di nagawa dun eh =0)

    happy travels !!!