Sunday, February 27, 2011


I never imagined myself taking a propeller flight going to Caticlan... dahil sa nagkagulatan na.. wala na rin akong magawa..

shuttle service ng cebu pac from intl aiport to domestic

my boarding pass.  200php terminal fee

halos magkasize na sila nung bus =)

propeller plane.. my first time 

As a said it pays to read a lot just before you travel para naman you have tons of ideas once you arrived on your destination but i failed to check my plane..  Nun pala all flights arriving Caticlan are all PROPELLER Planes.... now i KNOW...

ang liit lang ng plane na to na halos isat kalahating bus ng Baliuag transit.. and 2 x 2 sya.. means 2 seater sa magkabilang side ng plane..

joy and me.. picture muna prior to boarding

seat number 1 baby  =)

ganito sya kalapit sa amin. super lapit

nanalo ako!

show me ur boarding pass!!!  ako nauna thanks s pouch

Good thing my friend Ram knows somebody from cebu pac and we are given seat 1 (exit row seats) na more leg room...  

Caticlan Airport is the fastest way to reach Boracay island..  Once you land the plane .. may mga trike na naghihintay to bring you to the JETTY PORT (50 php good for 5 pax)  dun nyo na rin babayaran ang environmental fee, banca fee at kung anu anu pang fee which amounts to 100php...  trike will be about 3 minutes only then asa Jetty port kana... here u need to pay 50php for the port fee . 

caticlan na .. in a span of less than one hr

airport na po ito.. ang liit ha

trike going to the jetty port

banca heading the cagban port 


U will travel around 10-15minutes then you will reached the Cagban Port ...  from there you will then take a trike for 100php good for 5 pax to go to whatever hotel or station you want =)

cagban port

tricycles lined up waiting for you =)



  1. i love this marie, so interesting... you'll get a lot of travel tips from here! thanks! keep it up!

    1. hi there ley,

      thanks for visiting =) browse ka lang madami ka pang makikitang infos hehheee

      happy travels!!!