Tuesday, October 11, 2016


This is my first time to visit the province of Antique. Due to some creepy stories,I was hesitant to go at first but skipping it was never my plan. Malalison or Mararison Island in Culasi was our first stop. A 55 hectare unspoiled Island in Culasi, Antique.
Across the Caticlan Jetty port there are buses going to Culasi which is about two hours away.  Just tell manong kundoktor to drop you off in Culasi town proper and then look for the tourism office which can be easily found near the bay area (just walk from the highway to bay area). Bus fare was about PHP80 - PHP100.
The best person to contact is Sir John Sumanting, the tourism officer of Culasi. His one of the kindest tourism officer ever. You can easily feel that you can trust him and his knowledgeable not only in Culasi's tourism but also the whole island of Panay.  
Si Sir John ung naka black ng shirt :) (thanks Mara sa pic)
Sir John and Andrew Wolff promoting Panay Tourism
Here's the information send out by Sir. John for Unraveling Malalison (Tour)
Contact number: 0947583067

Sir John introduced us to our tour guide / boatman / home stay owner Tatay Rey. Ang swerte lang namin kasi all in one na si Tatay Rey eh, and his family was super nice to us.  No complaints just praises for his family. They helped us in every way they can including the kids. amazing lang talaga. Nanay Cecil cooks really good and every meal was just heaven for all of us. You can feel that they just love what they are doing and the services was beyond my expectation. Please don't hesitate to give them tip.  This is where they get the funds to support their kids and send them to school. Their eldest is already in college. I was inspired by their story and told them that I'm going to help them in any way I can so that they will have lots of guests.  So far so good :)  please check the link  below if you want to get in touch with them and please tell them I say HI :)
 Tatay Rey and Cecil Lorenzo
Contact numbers: 09293220927 / 09488905939 /  09974023517
I already have this idea on what to see but never what to expect.  Most of the time our expectations disappoints us so just go there and feel it. Well I didn't travel this far just be disappointed, right?
Boat ride from the Tourism Office to the Island was about 15-30 minutes depends on the weather.  And this is what welcomed us.  Isnt' she lovely :)

Again my photos won't give justice to this beautiful place.  Ung linis ng tubig , ung ganda ng buhangin at ung mga isda na malapit lang sa shore isama mo pa ung sariwang hangin.
And wait there's more !!!
 Pitcher plants along the trail
Nablat Islet
And seeing this view gave me chills and tears.  NO KIDDING!!  alam mo ba ung feeling na kinalibutan ka sa ganda.  Na sa dami naman na din ng mga bundok na nakita mo  eh talaga naman isa ito sa mga espesyal and up until this day, i can still feel that moment nung makita ko sya. ay grabe nakaka pangilabot. I was not able to capture what my eyes saw and my heart felt that moment (sorry panget ang kuha ko).  Iba ang ganda nya, iba talaga.  It's tiring but worth it. 


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