Monday, March 26, 2012


Based on my research, Bay's Inn would be the most convenient and best place to stay in Baler (aside from Bahia).  We are on a budget so first we check and compare muna ung 2.

Bahia De Baler - bago, mas malinis, mas tahimik, mas sosyal ang dating at mas mahal

Bay's Inn - isa sa pinaka unang inn sa baler (formely know as Ocean View), madaming guests since beach front at my 24/7 na resto., makamasa ang itsura at presyo =)

Staying with Bay's Inn would be the most practical thing to do.  We paid 1150 php that includes breakfast for two na pwede mong ipaserve sa room or kainin sa beach front na restaurant nila. 

The room was OK.One double bed, cr/br, a cable tv and air conditioner.The staff was ok... or let me change that, the staff was the best.  Gabi pa lang tatanungin ka na nila kung anung breakfast ang gusto mo and san mo to gustong kainin. Lagi silang naka smile sa 'yo.  The services they have sa restaurant nila was also very efficient. Eventhough you need to wait for about 20 minutes, hindi mo mamalayan kasi they arranged your table and serve your drinks muna. 

Ung mga waiter nila was also knowlegable kung anung klaseng isda ang inorder mo, kung paano niluto ito ng chef nila (transparent ang kitchen nila), and you can asked them to take a picture of you. 

Average of 200 php per meal which i find okay due to the quality of food they serve and also the customer service na binigay nila .   And syempre beach front ito so ang ganda ng view habng kumakain ka . Also take note that this resto is open 24/7 but if you find it pricey pwede ka naman pumunta sa ibang karinderya or resto nearby.  



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