Monday, November 28, 2011


Last Year, we purchased a ticket sa Airphil Express.  If im not mistaken, asa 400php lang RT and we paid it using a credit card.  A day prior to our flight, we all decided to take one flight going to naga since we are going into 2 groups.. some of us will fly on a sunday and some on a monday.  We bought the one way ticket to Naga for about 1k php and paid tru a virtual card ng BDO.  (since BDO advised their customer to used a virtual card when purchasing Online).. We're already at the airport around 430am and check in at around 445am to catch our 6am flight.  

I need to say this, mas maayos ang check in ng Airphil ngayon kasi they have a designated lane per destination not like before na halo halo , at kahit san ka counter mag check in. and i find it not that effective and efficient baka maging sanhi pa ito ng lost bags.

So we approached the counter and gave our ID and itin... tapos biglang hinanapan kami ng credit card.  (ilang beses na akong nakasakay sa airphil though i know na nakalagay sa tix na "present the cc used when check in" now pa lang nila hinanap ito sa akin..  so I get my friend's cc.. Sabi ng asa counter " mam, different po ung last 4 digit, i need the cc used po.".. then my friend explained it to them that she used A virtual card.. and she left it at home.. they keep on saying that she needs the card and they do not accept payment from a virtual card... (ang gulo!!!)
HIGH BLOOD NA AKO!!!  What part ng online booking nakalagay na they do not accept a VIRTUAL CARD.. kung di pwede ang virtual card., why it was accepted in the first place? nagkaroon ba ng announcement regarding this? i travel almost every month and this was the most inconvenient check in na naranasan ko so far.. kagigil.

i asked the lady at the counter that if we can present the virtual card would you allow us to check in,? then she replied "NO"..  so anu ang gagawin namin ngayon!!  sabi ko..
Since im really pissed off sa nangyari , my friend decided to talk to the lady sa counter.. "what options do we have?".. lady said . "You need to purchased a new ticket to take the 6am flight, then they will refund the amount you paid thru the virtual card but they need to see the actual card.".. then i interrupt. "we will only pay if that would be the same price.." then she said YES, it will be the same rate po...

first trip pa naman ito ni Bebe Barney, stress!!

This was not a nice experienced and buti na lang my friend bought her cc, kasi ako i don't... i always bring cash when ever i travel .. haisst..  we purchased 5 one way tickets (wala choice),buti na lang same rate, kung hindi,, away to!! heehee

natapos kami around 530am, but we still need to pay the terminal fee, and other scan pa..  we're just in time to catch the  bus, na nagtransport sa amin papunta dun sa plane..

Hope this will help other guys out there na nagpurchased ng ticket online gamit ang virtual card..  Check with your airline po.  =)

                HAPPY TRAVEL!!!


  1. kaloka! sila na nga binilhan, choosy pa. :)

  2. hi luvlee,

    tama ka jan beh... nakakloka lang.

    happy travel!