Monday, March 7, 2011


Few months ago i learned that im one of the chosen few na nagwagi ng token from my favorite blogger THEPINAYSOLOBACKPACKER..  

why she's my favorite?  
i like reading blogs with a connection to travels and it so happens that THEPINAYSOLOBACKPACKER got the travel ideas that i want... ung tipong cowboy, practical, and on a budget. based on her blogs i know that she's spending her travel money wisely (that im trying to learn).  and im sooooo happy that she never failed to respond to my queries whenever in need one..  she also inspires me to go places... places i never thought would be a very pretty scenery. like diniwid beach in boracay and mt. piantubo crater.. she is also my adviser in terms of places to stay and etc... in short she's my angel when it comes to travel.. its really an honor for me to have a friend in this  blogosphere and she is actually the first one..

After reading her blog (  im super excited na sa token na ibibigay nya coz i know its something that i can used for my travels...  

She send it last March 3, but since im super busy this past few days, i was able to get her package last Mach 6.. im super duper happy for the stuff that i got from her as in.... check this out..

a package delivered by AIR 21!

the SENDER of this package =)

arm and leg pouch, sandugo dry bag and a sweet letter =)

binasa ko muna ung letter (i hope ok lang kay ate gael) 

i super like this... seryoso.. im planning to buy a gear like this kasi nabasa 
ko how important na meron kang ganito tru ur blog ate gael =)

this would be lots of used lalo na mahilig ako sa tubig =)

i love the color as in... super thanks

i still cant believe that i got all of this stuff

napaka pratical ng pouch na to.. 
i will definitely used this =)

Again... i want to say thank you ate gael (  this tokens will be treasured for life... thanks for the friendship, thanks for the travel tips, thanks for the inspiration and thanks for this gifts.. love love love =)  



  1. Naku Marie! tlagang bli-nog mu pa! :) maraming salamat din. Naway maging inspirasyon ka pa sa mas maraming Pinay! :)

    love love,
    ate gael

  2. uu naman ate gael.... importante kaya ito... and sau kaya galing un... kaya kailangan ko tong iblog hehhehe... i love it super.. as in... maraming salamat din sa lahat lahat... love love love. muwah

    happy travels!!!


  3. Ang galing! Ask ko lang po kung saan nakakabili ng arm and leg security pouch? Astig yan. Kailangan ko rin yan. :-)

  4. hi eeggee,

    im not sure po kung san nakabili si ate gael aka thepinaysolobackpacker... u can pm her po .. or ill asked her then post ko na lang dito =)

    happy travel!!

  5. hi eeggee,

    check po u sandugo store dun daw po nabili ni ate gael ..

    happy travel!!

  6. Thank you Marie! Dun lang din pala niya nabili sa sandugo. Yung drybag lang kasi binili ko. Salamat.

  7. welcome po eeggee =)

    happy travel !